What are MyGR QR Codes?

We have all been learning how to cope with infections, lockdowns and virus control. Businesses, organisations and individuals are now wanting to achieve more, but in a safe way.

Organisations and Individuals benefit greatly by using various MyGR QR Codes. Our videos and information show you how MyGR QR Codes are used to not only increase opportunitiesimprove communication and enhance your life. 

You will also see how they can give protection for you, your personal and business information, as well as support your local communities. 

As an individual, under your control the MyGR QR Code system can provide updates on events and special offers from the organisations and venues where you visit and scan their MyGR QR Code. Click here for a short video.

QR Codes for Organisations

Organisations like yours now need ways to help improve how you identify new customers, communicate with them and keep them.

Use MyGR QR Codes to record visitors automatically at places, meetings and events. Click here for a short video.

We take care of the information securely under GDPR and remove that burden of administration, saving your money, time and effort. (Price List)

Send personalised special offers and invitations to your visitors without having to know their contact details, using our special autoresponders.

Also, allow your visitors to store your contact details directly onto their smartphones in one scan. 

Special Offers

Receive special offers and invitations privately, keep yourself safe.

Use MyGR QR Codes to make visits to places, meetings and events safer.

Keep yourself and your contact details safe. Click here for a short video.

Be anonymous and yet receive special offers, as well as event invitations, from the organisation running the venue.

Also, get your personal MyGR QR Code to share your contact details effectively, like an electronic business card.


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