Story of MyGR World

We realised that the Pandemic has hit most organisations hard. We recognised that it is important for everyone that trade recovers, so that ordinary people can obtain what they want and need, as well as organisations returning to achieving their part better.

Our QR Codes help places where people meet to become more efficient and enable visitors gain access to more special offers and events that are of interest to them. This allows the organisations to gain and retain contact with people who have an interest in what they do.

Especially after the lockdowns, you may also find that there are those who would like to build up confidence and achieve more. MyGR is developing online courses to help.

There is also the general realisation that the environment plays a big part in the quality of life that we have. So, we all need to become more efficient in using what is there.

It was in 2006 when Peter Lane and Adrian Taylor got together as business partners to set up MyGR Technology Ltd, creating the MyGR brand. (My Global Resource). We identified the need to make technology more simple and have been busy developing our ideas.

Our ideas were around create a means for organisations of any size to use simple tools. This was to tame technology to allow everyone to build their own communities and for those people to be able to communicate effectively.
 The concepts of MyGR World and MapWorldLive were born. Naturally, facilities are continuing to be developed as technology changes and new ideas are brought into life.

Behind the scenes, MyGR has already created the means to store and manage videos, images and textual items. This will be brought into play as organisations take up the present offerings.

You are now able to take advantage of the QR Codes on offer, with more to come.

You are welcome to explore our site!


MyGR Technology Ltd
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Pembroke Dock, 
Pembrokeshire SA72 6NL


Phone: +44(0) 7496 326073